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Have you ever heard of making tons of money really fast? I have, and if you’re just as active as on internet as I am then you have too. If you hear claims such as this and people are advertising your their “miracle” method of how to get rich quick; you waste no time immediately coming to the conclusion that it’s a scam. You’re right to think like this and have the doubts that come to your mind. Making all that money overnight is impossible. It takes a lot of time and effort; however, if someone told you can make seven figures within a year, that sounds reasonable, right? It’s smart to still have doubts, for it shows that you are being smart with how you invest your time, but it won’t hurt to know what the 7 figure cycle is and the minds behind it.

7 Figure Cycle ReviewE-commerce is a very trending topic today more so in this technological society we have today, an option for people who just want to start their own business taking advantage of the technological era we are living in and without the hassle of the common 9 to 5 office work. It has become a fundamental option for those who want flexible schedules, possibilities to move from one place to another without having to find another job and as a statement of the freedom linked to this era. There are a lot of e-commerce training programs on the market nowadays as well as courses designed to learn and actually take advantage of this particular kind of commerce in order to be used as a way to increase income using your own time, computer and resources in general, using internet marketing as the main source of work and income. Browsing through the web you can find several alternatives to learn how to use e-commerce and internet marketing in your favor.

Today we will discuss a mind-blowing product designed to train precisely in an e-commerce selling system, but under the prospect of a “low budget” and without the need of having a website, a brand or paid ads, without having to wait weeks for the product arrival and without the need to have employees. So it seems like a promise, as the product states, to be able to generate a 7 figure revenue in an online business, the bottom of the line that basically means to become a wealthy individual in really short time. We are talking about the training program by the very popular digital marketing gurus: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton called 7 Figure Cycle, but, is it too good to be true? Is it worth the investment? Let´s have a look:

7 Figure Cycle is a complete system that has its own structural design, its own and unique training program and a web-based software, that promises that, with the right strategy (that is precisely the one you´ll learn with this program), you can make a great income in short time. As stated by the creators: “7 Figure Cycle is a complete system that teaches people how to uniquely leverage a cyclical eCommerce selling process”. ECommerce is a field filled with potential to earn a good income if managed properly, with the rapid advancement of technology today, these kinds of programs have become a real revolution in the market and this program will show you that earning a quick and good revenue is easier than it appears at first sight and that is actually possible to overcome the usual difficulties in this field.


The program is based on a Cyclical eCommerce selling process trademarked by the creators of the program and, considering reviews and success cases linked to the program, you can actually see the results of your investment in less than 24 hours, besides, the initial investment is raised by half in the next two weeks and it will go up twenty-six-fold in the course of one year. The key factor that is emphasized is that there must be some key steps, strategies, and techniques that should be taken into consideration to increase the actual sales and maintain visitors to your online store, that is one of the major difficulties faced by entrepreneurs nowadays and that is something that will be solved with the 7 Figure Cycle program: “Smart work is better than hard work”.

If you look at the numbers for the products launched over the last 3 years by  Aidan Boot & Steve Clayton, they are just amazing. For example, in 2015 they had over $5.000.000 in sales, that amount almost doubled by 2016 and in 2017 reported more than $9.000.000 in sales during the first week after being launched. They say the numbers will continue to increase in 2018 precisely because of the new launch of the 7 Figure Cycle program that promises that, as stated before, even with a small investment of about $100 you can start seeing revenues just in the first few hours.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are a team of experienced online marketers backed with nearly two decades of combined experience. With their own personal stories of success, they aim to extend their knowledge of e-commerce to anyone who wants to get rich by using modern tools and platforms such as the Internet.

7 Figure Cycle


Not long ago, the dynamic duo announced a program called “100k Factory,” which took the internet marketing world by storm. but a basic overview was that it was an internet marketing trading program that required little to no experience from those who were looking to be a part of it. It incentivized people looking to be a part of the program by telling them that results would be seen right away. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton gave people a complete blueprint of what to do; taking them through each of the program’s 4 main components and even providing them live training sessions. Many experienced online marketers know that a large majority of the marketing courses found online are fraudulent; however, they agree that Booth’s and Clayton’s 100k Factory program was the real deal and that those two KNEW what they were doing. The system worked and it changed the lives of a lot of those in the program. Those who succeeded were very serious about the success of their business. The program wasn’t a guaranteed flip of a switch that magically made you all that money. Clayton and Aidan gave people all the tools necessary to make lots of money. All that was needed for success fell to the effort and determination of the people in the program.

Now, the dynamic duo is back, and have introduced a new seven-step program that revolutionized e-commerce called the 7 Figure Cycle. Like the 100k Factory program mentioned earlier, In short, the program acknowledges the impact that the distribution giant known as Amazon has on the online market and takes advantage of it through a specifically designed system to make a lot of money. As you’d expect, the money won’t come overnight. However, you can see profits within two weeks, and if you keep working hard at it you can see that profit multiply as time passes. Real participants of this new program have been posting pictures of the money they’ve been making and have given honest testimonials about the success this program has brought them.

If you’re thinking, “Why use Amazon?”

it is explained as well in their program. In short, with the popularity of Amazon and its frequent amount of visitors it gets on a daily basis, there’s no need to make an effort to draw traffic, because the site itself generates so much on its own. Furthermore, by naming yourself as an Amazon seller, you get all the immediate trustworthiness and credibility that comes with it. There are many more reasons but those are just a few.

7 Figure Cycle Bonus

What Makes 7 Figure Cycle Different?

As you can see, 7-Figure Cycle leverages selling physical products but NOT in the same way as they taught in 100k Factory, or in Amazon FBA selling programs. They are doing here is NEW, and is the biggest thing to hit eCommerce since AliExpress, Dropshipping, and Facebook Ads.

7-Figure Cycle will be a big hit with prospects for 6 main reasons:

1. It’s An Entirely NEW eCommerce Model

This is fresh, unlike anything covered in any major online marketing eCommerce the course has seen before. Importantly though, the business model behind 7-Figure Cycle is easy to understand, easy to implement, and it’s easy for prospects to see how you can replicate their results (and your results).

And results come FAST. They expect their student’s first sales to hit within 2 weeks of starting the curriculum and demonstrate how to progress from complete newbie to generating over $100/day in the first 30 days.

Speaking of results… they have some AMAZING proof…

2. $125,000,000 In Student Proof

Yes, you read that correctly. Their students (517 of them) did OVER $125 MILLION in sales using this system in 2017. This model works incredibly well. In addition to their student’s amazing successes, Aidan Boot & Steve Clayton and team personally generated over $20,000,000 in sales through their own business using this system in the past couple for years. The proof and success stories are irrefutable, undeniably impressive, and showcase what’s possible when using 7-Figure Cycle.7 Figure Cycle Reviews

3. Revolutionary ‘Profit Hunter’ Software

Two of the key components to being able to succeed with this business model is to have access to the millions of products that are available to sell and to be able to quickly cherry pick the best opportunities.

Their breakthrough ‘Profit Hunter’ software takes care of both things for the user. First, it sucks in MILLIONS of products from pre-established data feeds (and you can add your own), it then examines key sales metrics from Amazon.com, and serves up profit margins and ‘sell-ability’ for every product you want to analyze. Profit Hunter allows the user to quickly filter millions of products and pinpoint the most lucrative opportunities in a matter of seconds.

4. Every Customer Gets A REAL Business-In-A-Box

In addition, they will teach every member ‘how to fish’, They will also serve you done-for-you money-making products for EVERY member. Every pre-selected product is unique, and 200% guaranteed to make money. In fact, if it DOESN’T makes the customer money, They will just send them the cash equivalent, that’s how sure we are that what they giving to you WILL make them money.

5. Done-For-You Logistics

One roadblock people using this model could face is related to logistics. Members of 7-Figure Cycle will bypass this entirely though, by having the option to leverage their own network of internationally located warehouses and ‘prep-centers’. They will set up an advanced distribution network that will not only save your money but also allow you to breeze through any logistical challenges that you may face.

6. Done-For-You Wholesaler Contracts

Another potential roadblock is being able to deal with suppliers and set up wholesaler contracts. their unique blueprint teaches you how to do this and it’s NOT difficult at all, but for people who just want the ‘easy button’, they have gone ahead and made contracts with over 100 wholesalers who have catalogs of that consist of over 3,000,000 unique products. Members of 7-Figure Cycle will be able to purchase ANY of these products through there WITHOUT needing to create their own reseller contract.

I know it sounds like “too much to be true” and that it promises something that seems almost impossible, and I really do not want to sound like you are buying a castle built in the sky, so I must say that this program is for real, It has stories of success that you wouldn´t believe and a very good review on the overall quality and safety of your investment. So, the thing is that the total cost of the program is worth spending, even though it seems like a miracle program, it is actually a way to grow and increase your income in a real way, the latest training program will be launched in January 2018 and it is actually highly recommended so… go ahead, take a look at this program if you do not believe me, if you do not like it´s also 100% risk-free for 60 days, so you actually have nothing to lose and you could end up buying something that would represent a path for a life of wealth and security for you and those around you.

The answer is out there, you just have to take the first step (before they close on membership in February 1st, 2018). Be aware of the launching date: The pre-launch begins on the 17th of January, the Cart opens on the 23rd of January and it remains open until February 1st (also, they are expecting this launch to be life-changing for all the people that will become involved so be aware of the updates on their web page and also check out the prizes that they will give away during the launch week, all the information about this program is available on their website).So, go ahead, enroll, enjoy, learn a lot, earn good money and at the end tell us how did everything go.

Now you’re wondering, “Alright but how does it all work?”

You won’t have to create a product and sell your own brand because the Amazon marketplace is already filled to the brim with those types of products and sellers of that nature. If you’re apart of the 7 Figure Cycle Program, you’ll get access to a private network of suppliers based in the U.S. that Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton personally use for their own businesses. You are also given access to a certain software called “Profit Blaze” which is vital to the process. Through this software, you are able to identify potential money-making products in that database. Upon finding that product, you can have it sent to storage at the Amazon warehouse and leverage the Amazon marketplace to make a profit. You can repeat this process multiple times in periods called “cycles.” Within each end of the cycle, you should notice substantial gains.

The platform to use this marketing strategy is genius. Amazon is constantly growing and it’s share of stock reflects that. Investing in Amazon itself is a smart thing to do, but to use it as a basis for a marketplace with all that free traffic is beyond smart. You don’t have to worry about generating traffic, using advertisements, making a website, or building your brand. Nothing needs to be done except effectively using the “Profit Blazer” software provided and taking to heart what Aidan and Steve are telling you in the training sessions as it makes it easy to make money since it helps you know how to effectively find buyers and sellers that are on Amazon.

Real-life customers who have been apart of the program have shown just how much they’ve been earning. People are posting pictures with cycles earning them well beyond 5 digits, and they’re still just partway through the year. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton wouldn’t have backed their program up so much if it didn’t work. They even tried it themselves before announcing it, making millions upon millions of dollars. Backed by years of experience and even having a similar successful program prior to this, they preach what they know and they know exactly how the internet market works and how to manipulate it so that you can see yourself earning a lot of money. You can read pages upon pages of the success people have been having with this program. Why not be a part of it? Invest in the 7 Figure cycle and see yourself earning tons of money by the end of the year.

7 Figure Cycle $250 Discount